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How to Deal with Nervousness 

We can work to improve our performative speaking skills, but it’s generally not enough to substantially reduce our fears around speaking. Let's chat about practical ways to manage nervous energy so you can show up competently and confidently- in every room.

How to not be nervous when speaking with linnita hosten


How to Create an



If you've been tasked with pulling together a presentation for the team and want to spice things up a bit, join me for saucy secrets to making presentations high-energy and high-value.

How to create an engaging presentation podcast with Linnita Hosten
Interview Tips for Success by Linnita Hosten
Mastering Interviews: 5 Tips for Success

Do you have an upcoming interview or anticipate preparing for an interview soon? Bring your pen! I’m excited to share the saucy secrets I use to win over decision-makers with INTEGRITY.

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How to develop public speaking confidence Linnita Hosten
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Linnita Hosten National Press Club
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 How to Have an Executive Presence with Linnita Hosten
How to Have an Executive Presence

People often refer to executive presence as charisma or the X-factor. I believe it’s the display of your verbal competence, and nonverbal confidence. Let’s unpack how you can develop an executive presence as female leader.

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