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Nine Reasons Why You Should Develop Public Speaking Skills

Updated: Jan 7

Some professional skills rise to the top as non-negotiables. Among these, one skill transcends industries and professions: Public Speaking. 

It's not just a 'nice to have'; it's an absolute necessity in today's interconnected world. 

Here's why:

  1. Public speaking is a transferable life skill that effects personal relationships. When you are attempting to communicate to people you deeply care for, your tone and body language can affect the listener’s ability to receive communication. Public speaking teaches you this delicate skill. 

  2. Leadership isn't just about management; it's about inspiring others to follow your vision. Public speaking skills can affect your ability to influence others. Mastery of the skill helps you cultivate a sensitivity to intentionally connect to others with care and intention.

  3. Whether it's pitching a project to your team or presenting a proposal to a client, individuals with strong public speaking skills deliver more compelling and persuasive presentations. This is an immediate value add to any team because most people do not feel comfortable or confident talking in front of others.

  4. Public speaking not only builds your confidence but also your credibility. People view you as competent in whatever you do, if you are a clear communicator.

  5. Public speaking pushes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to confront your fears. The by-product of developing this kind of courage is that you develop a sense of belonging when interacting with others - including those in authority or leadership.

  6. Strong public speaking skills project a professional and polished image. An individual with the skill is typically labeled and associated with being smart or professional.

  7. Displaying strong speaking skills, inspire those around you to do the same. What we model for our team, family, and friends - we teach our team, family, and friends.

  8. Public speaking is a platform for self-advocacy. It grooms you to communicate your needs and empowers you to advocate for the needs of others.

  9. Public speaking can generate you extra income. You can be paid between $250 - $10,000 to speak at conferences, associations, schools, universities, events, or online seminars - without being famous.

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