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for Organization Leaders & Executives

Learn to create and deliver presentations that creatively engage and intentionally connect with any audience.

3- Day Challenge countdown

Are You:

  • An organizational leader or executive?

  • Often asked to present organizational information and data?

  • Feeling not as confident with presenting data-intensive and technical-focused content?

  • Having difficulty keeping an audience engaged during your presentations?

Presentation skills are essential for leaders to effectively communicate their ideas, vision, and strategies to their teams, stakeholders, and other audiences.

Are you ready to:

  • Increase your personal and professional confidence?

  • Enhance your  professional credibility and competency?

  • Elevate your ability to Influence positive change?

  • Advance your skillset to present data-intensive and technical-focused content?

Here’s what you can expect during this 3-day nightly challenge!

Expect to Learn:

  • How to structure presentation content in a way that keeps an audience engaged for the duration of your content​.

  • How to assess your audience so you can prepare information to effectively connect and address the needs in the room.​

  • How to engage the audience in a virtual or in-person setting by incorporating creative elements to supplement participant learning.

Our time together is an opportunity to polish your presentation skills and increase your confidence to speak at work.

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I’ve lived the truth that communication can shift careers, boost confidence, transform cultures, and touch every aspect of our lives.​

But I wasn’t born the woman who could command a room – I had to become her. I had to build the skillset to create success, so I did.​

For years, I was timid and far more comfortable behind the scenes than in front of the room. And I missed many opportunities to share my thoughts and ideas, to stand out, to lead. It wasn't until I embraced my voice that I discovered its power to open doors, create change, and inspire those around me.​

I tapped into the power of my voice, learning to articulate my skills and ideas in a way that opened doors and significantly amplified my income. More importantly, it magnified my impact. It wasn’t sufficient just to speak—I had to ensure I was heard.​

I’m here to teach that words matter and so do the people who are speaking them.

I founded Vocal Value, a training and development firm that partners with organizational leaders and corporate executives to teach the fundamentals of

Linnita Hosten 

Meet the Challenge Host

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