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Best Public Speaking Coach Linnita Hosten

From workshops to retreats, reimagine team communication, turning every interaction

into an opportunity for leadership and collaborative success.

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Effective communication forums cultivate trust-building, and camaraderie, and elevate the professional toolbox of teams.

Consider incorporating a group workshop into your training curriculum to tackle specific communication challenges and invest in fostering stronger connections among colleagues, whether at your next annual retreat or as part of ongoing professional development.

Choose the format that best suits your needs—whether in-person, virtual, or a hybrid model.

“Linnita teaches tools that leaders can use to improve their communication by understanding what  body language conveys. She certainly empowered an awareness in our staff to own and grow  our leadership communication style.”

University of Phoenix
Golden Key, President

Jennifer Fauque

Female Leadership Development Speaker

Why The Training Format?

Customized exercises are designed to align with your team's day-to-day responsibilities, ensuring relevance and immediate applicability.

Tailored Learning 

Participants gain immediately applicable strategies to enhance their communication, boosting confidence for their day-to-day interactions.

Immediate Application

Allocated time for attendees to apply learned skills. In a way that caters to all learning styles.

Practice Time

Ready for a 

Workshop Experience?

From Clashes to Consensus: Mastering Conflict Communication

Navigating tough discussions is an integral part of effective communication, yet it's often the most daunting.

With research suggesting that a staggering 80% of employees shy away from crucial workplace conversations, it's clear that the ability to approach sensitive topics with tact and understanding is a skill of immense value.

  • Leaders seeking to navigate workplace conflicts with finesse and reinforce a culture of open dialogue.​
  • Professionals who want to handle challenging conversations with poise and elevate their problem-solving skills.​
  • Team members looking to transform potential confrontations into constructive exchanges and strengthen team dynamics.

This program is perfect for: 

Female Keynote Speaker Linnita Hosten
  • Leaders seeking to elevate their executive presence, engage in meaningful dialogue, and lead with genuine conviction.
  • Professionals are eager to boost their influence and seize opportunities for career advancement.
  • Team members aspiring to polish their communication skills for deeper, more authentic connections with colleagues.

This program is perfect for: 

Elevating Vocal Value: Transforming Communication into Leadership

Cultivate leadership capabilities from within, guiding junior team members to blossom into senior leaders.

Linnita helps aspiring leaders develop a robust communication skillset, encouraging emerging talents to confidently present and assert their ideas and perspectives.

Leadership Development skills Speaker
Best Public Speaking Trainer Linnita Hosten
Vocal Value for Leaders: Developing Confidence, Presence and Impact
Beyond the scope of their titles, executives and senior leaders must embody the essence of their roles in both speech and presence.

This Program is perfect for: 

  • Professionals are motivated to articulate their ideas, objectives, and strategies effectively to colleagues and external parties.
  • Leaders looking to create a culture of trust within their teams, among peers, and with executive management.
  • Individuals aspiring to step into senior leadership positions or engage in high-profile opportunities.

Every workshop includes a supplemental learning guide to encourage participants to practice the workshop concepts learned.

Keep the Impact Going

Vocal Value Supplemental Learning Materials

We will work with you

to integrate a custom supplemental learning guide into your post-event planning.

Linnita encourages organizations to supplement the workshop experience with post-event learning via micro-learning modules.

Post-Event Continued Development

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We can tailor

a custom series of micro-learning videos for your staff or leadership team.

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